PDF Maps


Street Index Map (PDF)

This map lists all streets, within city limits, and provides an index for easy location.  Simply find the street on the right and the start of the street can be located within the noted index cell.


Note: Due to the scale of the map, not all streets are labeled.

For an interactive way to locate a street, click here.

Zoning Map

Official Zoning Map (PDF)

This is the city's official Zoning Map.  It displays zoning classifications for properties within the city limits.  Please refer to the Municipal Code, Chapter 350: Zoning & Development for classification definitions and allowable uses.  An interactive version of this map is also available here.

Council District Map (PDF)

This map illustrates the Council District boundaries, precincts and Rio Arriba/Santa Fe County boundary. An interactive version of this map is also available here.

All Municipal Elections are conducted by the City Clerk.


Pueblo Boundaries within City of Española Map (PDF)

The city's boundary overlays two counties and four land grants; two of which also include reservation.  This map illustrates those boundaries; take an interactive look through our

Address & Boundary Map.

Street Ownership

Street Ownership Map (PDF)

The map identifies a street's ownership. Only those streets that have been dedicated to the city and accepted by the City Council are classified as city owned.

Water Infrastructure Map (PDF)
This map illustrates the location and size of main water lines; fire hydrants; valves and water tanks by capacity.  Private lines are not shown.  Requests and questions regarding connection to city water may be made through the department of Public Works.